Welcome to the site!

Hello and welcome to Easy Android Coding!

Using this site, we hope to make Android programming as simple for everyone as possible. Yes I know Java isn’t very hard to learn, but there’s always something better. And in our case, we found the programming language Basic4android, and are quite honestly, loving it!

This site will expand and host many tutorials on using the Basic4android language for your Android programming projects.

The primary focus of this site will be to show how to write games using Android, now I’m not a full time Android programmer, so don’t expect a hundred videos showing you how to build your own OpenGL 3D engine, but we should be able to aim at something like Angry birds within the next few months.

But I’ll start with the basic first, simple number games, naughts and crosses, hang man, etc…. These games can actually do very well on the Google Play store and get you a lot of downloads, so they’re definitely worth looking at first. Then we can move onto animated 2D games like Tetris, simple platform games, World of Goo, etc….


One thought on “Welcome to the site!”

  1. My fellow friends,

    I am a beginner of basic4android and i am currently working on developing a simple android app for a restaurant which is also my final year project.Can anyone of you advise me on how to do the a menu and registration function? My concern is how can I view the menu when I click on the button ‘Menu’ on the homepage. Besides, how can i do a registration page for the restaurant customers?Thanks a lot

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