Basic4Android Tutorial 1 Uploaded to YouTube

I have uploaded the first video in the beginners series of videos teaching Basic4Android onto YouTube


8 thoughts on “Basic4Android Tutorial 1 Uploaded to YouTube”

  1. Good tutorial, looking forward to more. I’m a complete newbie to Android and trying to decide if it will suit my needs. I have the demo version so hopefully I can learn enough to make my decision within the trial period 🙂 I have some VB experience and years ago Clipper and a wee bit of C but pefer to stay with the simple stuff, not being the brightest (or most patient) student. Any idea when Lesson 2 is coming? I’m looking to program something along the lines of a “stocktake” app. A 1-handed entry where I can increment (and decrement) quantities, add notes and at the end produce a report. All as quickly as possible. Any suggestions will be apppreciated. Cheers,

    1. Decided to purchase B4A. Looks like I need libraries to test it properly anyway. I’ll use your referrer code. I doubt you make much off it but it’s a small thank you in advance anyway 🙂 Cheers.

      1. Hi Mike,

        thanks for the purchase. You’re right that I don’t make very much but every little helps as they say. Anyway, for your comment on writing a stock take app. I wrote an app a while back for recording a basic list of items which you can update. I think this may be able to help you if you just want a basic list of items with a variable on each line for the number in stock. I can send you the source code if you like.

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