Basic4Android 2.20 released!

Anywhere software have recently released version 2.20 of Basic4Android, this is available for free to all user currently within their upgrade period (2 months for standard, 2 years for Enterprise). You’ll receive an email with the download link for you to upgrade your Basic4Android installation.

So what’s new?

Quoting directly from the Basic4Android website:

This version includes the following improvements:

  • For Each blocks
  • Declaration and assignment in the same statement – Two new language features in the next version
  • B4A-Bridge – many stability improvements related to both Bluetooth mode and wireless mode
  • B4A-Bridge supports logging on all devices including Android 4.1+. Requires B4A-Bridge 2.07
  • Menu items will now appear in the action bar on Android 3.0+ devices
  • Default target level set to 14
  • WYSIWYG designer uses device default theme. Supports changing themes: New feature: better support for modern Android themes
  • Designer includes a new color value: DEFAULT. The meaning of this value is that the theme default color will be used.
  • Designer script new keywords make it easier to build user interfaces that scale correctly on all phones and tablets: Min, Max, AutoScale, AutoScaleAll and AutoScaleRate: New feature: AutoScale and other new designer script keywords
  • Optimized designer layout files – loading time is 3 – 4 times faster
  • MediaPlayer can play files from File.DirInternal
  • Map.Keys / Values – allows iterating over map entries with For Each
  • Panel / Activity.RemoveAllViews
  • LayoutValues.ApproximateScreenSize – returns the approximate device physical screen size
  • Sign key alias key can be changed (requires editing the settings file)
  • Activity/Panel.LoadLayout can now be used from classes
  • Camera_Preview event

A number of bugs have also been resolved.


Let’s look at some of these improvements to see what you’ll notice most….

The first are the changes to the designer, you’ll notice straight away when you open the designer is that you have a choice of styles, this selection is based on the later version of Android, more details on this can be found here:


Optimised designer layouts – This will be useful for those of you building bigger more complex activities in your programs.


Menu items will now appear in the menu bar for Android 3.0+ devices, this is very cool, basically it means you’ll get action bar menus for free without having to do any extra work, making your apps look more modern.

For Each blocks, this will be really useful for some of you, it will allow you to cycle through a group of objects, like cycling through all the buttons in your view.



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