Welcome to Easy Android coding. Where I try to make getting started with Android programming as pain free as possible.

From experience, I’ve found writing apps using Java and Eclipse (the traditional way) very hard. Now some of you will say you just need to put more time and effort in, but I believe write apps for Android should be as easy as possible to get into.

I’ve come across what I think is the best language for getting you into Android programming as quickly and pain free as possible, and this is Basic4Android. It’s very quick and easy to start writing apps, very easy to read (especially if you’ve ever used Visual Basic before), and you’ll be amazed just how quickly you’ll get going with it and making programs that are actually usable.

First step, check out the YouTube videos page to see what Basic4Android is capable of. then download the demo from www.basic4android.com to try it out. then after half an hour when you’re already hooked, check out the “Purchase Basic4Android” page link above to Purchase your own full copy of Basic4Android with a 30% discount for simply buying it via this site.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think I would jump at getting basic4android, if I was sure that I could send simple information (a ‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ or ‘4’) from the android to a VB6 program, but alas, after watching your demos (and they are done quite well – thank you) and spending several hours looking, I can’t seem to find any SIMPLE program code to help me out.

    Java and eclipse are very difficult, after spending years learning VB6!

    And I’ve spent hours with the link that Erel gave me to NO avail (very complex).

    Can you help?

  2. I have just started b4a and i would like to study your app “romance reminders”.I follow your videos on YouTube and you kindly offered the source code.Would it be possible to send it to me?

  3. @dan clark
    There are several ways to have Android devices talk to vb6.
    * By Asyncstreams object you can talk to vb6 application using bluetooth dongle connected to the PC where vb6 application runs.
    * By email using SMPT and POP3 objects.
    * By internet using httputils library.

    If you searched b4x.com forum for the above then you will find plenty of examples and tutorials.

    Hi Andy,
    great job from you (as usual).. thanks.. keep up the good work.

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